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Hafa Adai! 

Closed July 4th, 5th and 9th. Back open July 11th normal hours. Open Tuesdays & Thursdays 11:30-4 & Fridays 11:30-7pm •Follow us on Instagram @osogood_mac •Chamorro Food Truck • Find us in the open parking lot across from the McMinnville Post Office! •We are now connected to DoorDash! 

So mannge’ even your Nana will say “OSO GOOD!” 

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Tininon Mannok (BBQ Chicken plate)
Boneless sweet-savory chicken grilled over mesquite charcoal. Served with red rice, kelaguin, tatiyas and salad

Tininon Katne (BBQ beef plate)
Marinated in a sweet and savory teriyaki sauce grilled to perfection. Served with red rice, kelaguin, tatiyas, salad

BBQ Korean rib plate 
(A Libemday favorite) Marinated in a teriyaki sauce then grilled over mesquite charcoal. Served with red rice, kelaguin, tatiyas, salad

Island Favorites 

(The call your che’lus and share plate

BBQ chicken, BBQ Beef & Korean ribs, 2 scoops rice, kelaguin, tatiyas, salad


Fried Rice- With Teriyaki Chicken or BBQ Beef served on a bed of rice that has been fried with strips of teriyaki beef, onions, a bit of spice and butter. 

Hineska’ Agaga (Red rice)- Like white rice…but better. Red Rice is a Guam staple. A flavorful rice seasoned and colored by achiote or annato seeds. A slightly peppery taste mixed with garlic, onions, chicken bouillon and butter.

Hineska’ (White Rice)- Short grain, Calrose rice. Like your rice on the stove… but better. 


Tatiyas- Slighty sweet, coconut milk flatbread. Made with love by Nana. 

Kelaguen mannok (chicken)-An Island favorite. Try this spicy, citrusy mix of chopped, grilled chicken, onions, donni' (hot peppers), lemon juice, and coconut. Try it with titiyas!

Imitation Crab and broccoli salad-Japanese imitation crab meat, broccoli, diced red onions, a bit of cabbage claw, marinated in lime juice, rice vinegar and soy sauce, then slathered with mayonnaise. A creamy not too tart, side salad of east meets west. Oso Goodness!

Fina’denne- The sauce every one doesn’t know they need…yet. Pika (Spicy) Chamoru sauce of delishness with diced onions, jalapeño’s, soy sauce and lime juice. Pour over your meat and rice or salad or Kelaguin. Or pour it straight in your mouth. Just pour it. 

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Our Story 

Owner/Chef John Libemday, and his wife Donna, both grew up in the Pacific Islands; home to some of the greatest food on the planet. Back home, food isn’t just something you eat, it’s a culture. Food is what brings people together. It is where stories are told and hearts are connected. When John and Donna moved to the states they kept that culture alive in their own home. They have been opening their home, making food and inviting people to eat at their table for over 30 years. It has been a dream of John’s to start a food cart for years. He wants to share with the city of McMinnville a taste of Guam, the Marianas and Micronesia along with the Chamorro culture through his food.

We hope to see you there! 

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Truck Hours

Sunday- closed 
Monday- closed
Tuesday- 11:30-4pm
Wednesday- closed 
Thursday- 11:30-4pm
Friday- 11:30-3 & 5-7pm 
Saturday- closed

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Contact Us

Questions about our food truck and what we have to offer? Where we’re from? Are you my cuzzin? We’d love to hear from you! 

Located in the open parking lot across from the McMinnville Post Office. Near the train tracks. 

Thanks for submitting!

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